Fulwadi, P.O. Fareni, Ta. Dhoraji, Dist. Rajkot Gujarat 363624
+91 2824 283384
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Hostel Information

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Hostel Schedule

Wake up 5:30am
Bathing 5:30am To 6:15am
Pooja & Yoga 6:15am To 7:00am
Change uniform 7:00am To 7:15am
Darshan at Temple 7:15am To 7:30am
Breakfast 7:30am To 7:50am
Study 7:50am To 8:40am
school 8:40am To 3:30pm
Rest 3:30pm To 4:30pm
Snakes 4:30pm To 5:00pm
Playing 5:00pm To 6:00pm
Bathing 6:00pm To 6:45pm
Aarti 6:45pm To 7:30pm
Dinner 7:30pm To 8:00pm
Study 8:00pm To 10:00pm
Milk/Icecream 10:00pm To 10:15pm
Sleeping 10:15pm To 5:30am

Hostel Informations

Total no of hostel rooms 32
Washroom & Toilet 40
Indoor Game Yes
Movie Every Week 1
Inter Hostel Sports Comptition Yes
Inter Hostel Speech Comptition Yes
Holiday Picnic Yes
Internet facility Yes

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